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USB Secure

The perfect solution to keep your external drives & USB disks fully protected also provides enhanced security for all your folders and files.

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About USB Secure

Are you considering a safety vault for protecting the data in your USB or portable drive? USB Secure is the perfect solution for your safety concerns. It provides the best safeguard to all your data including images, documents, business information and other memories you treasure by using a highly secure password protection.

The security software is capable of the following functions:

  • Work effectively on different types of disks
  • It is compatible with all the latest Windows OS
  • No need any admin privileges for ensuring data security
  • The security is faster than any encryption
  • It can open virtually when locked
  • It saves all your lost and found information

How USB Secure Provides Security

USB Secure safeguards your USB drives utilizing password protection.

You need to just install the software in the specific portable USB drive that you need to provide security to. The software will make all the data hidden and free from deletion.

If you need to access the files on the drive, you should enter the appropriate password and retrieve the files directly.

You will not require the installation of the software once again, and you will also not have to use any of the admin privileges.

Virtual Drive Feature

USB Secure software allows you to access the files you need.

You can either choose to unlock the files entirely or just get access to the files via a virtual drive.

The plug and easy play feature of USB Secure program are very useful if you are worried about the loss of data when you remove USB drive abruptly from your PC.

Effective on All Types of Disks

USB Secure is highly versatile software that provides equally secure protection on all types of drives including FAT 32/ FAT/ NTFS besides other types of external drives and USBs.

Irrespective of the amount of data present, the software provides security in just a few seconds.

The program employs a special patent pending multiple layer protection. This ensures a more solid protection for the files in all types of disks.

Information for Lost and Found Data

USB Secure helps you to create your specific lost and found dataset.

This is especially handy when your USB drive is lost, as the info you have saved with the help of USB Secure can make someone contact you.

Your email, address, and phone number can be saved easily, so if someone happens to find it, they can reach you easily.

USB Secure has received many accolades for its effective and efficient security process. It has been favored with five stars for its high-level password protection method that is compatible with almost all types of external drives and USB drives.

- Kyle

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USB Secure

5 Stars Award at Download3K

Excellent Portable Security It has highly enhanced security software that allows strong protection of USB and other types of portable devices without the need for admin privileges.
USB Secure

Remarkable Portable Security

5 Stars Award at SOFTPEDIA With a unique user-friendly navigation and excellent functionality, the powerful tool provides the ultimate password protection for the data you have saved on your USB drive. You can change your files into applications that are automatically executable eliminating the need for admin privileges.
USB Secure

5 Stars Award at Filetransit

5 Stars Award at Filetranasit USB Secure is the perfect data protection tool to have when you are always on the move. It covers all the data protection needs of users with its excellent and versatile features.

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