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Screen Capture Software

Are you thinking about how to record audio and video directly from your computer screen? Aiseesoft has the solution. This screen recorder is not only easy to use, but can also deliver professional results.

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Here’s How to Record with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder:

Your Best Choice for High-Quality Video Screen Recorder

There are many instances wherein recording your screen will be needed. Whether it is a Skype chat with a friend, a scene from a movie, a document from an email, or a video tutorial, there are many instances wherein you will find yourself wondering how to record video. With Aiseesoft, this should not be a problem. We make use of Blue Light Real-Time HD Video Encoding Technology. The latter makes sure that all videos will be captured with superior clarity.

Record Online Videos

There is no need to download videos when you can record it with Aiseesoft screen recorder. Whether it is a YouTube music video or a video that teaches you to do a specific task, among others, you can have it easily recorded.

Record Game Processes

Regardless of the game that you play, you can use Aiseesoft screen recorder to take a snapshot of your most victorious in-game moments and share it with your friends. You can even record your competitors and learn from their strategies.

Record Webcam Videos

If you are video chatting with a friend or family, you can use this screen recorder to capture your conversations and save it in your computer. You can go over the videos anytime and reminisce your conversations.

Create Video Tutorials

With Aiseesoft, your computer operations can be recorded and make a tutorial out of it. For a more professional-looking video, you will have the option of personalizing the color and size of the mouse cursor.

Easily Record Any Audio

Aisesoft presents an ideal solution not only for those who are looking for the best way on how to record video but also for those who are searching for the right audio recording software. It can record audios from your computer or from a microphone.

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  • Screen recording software provides me with a really convenient way for downloading movies without waiting for hours to complete the download because it records the movie while I'm watching it.
  • Now I can even record my favorite YouTube videos with the help of Screen recording software, which enables me to play these videos in my iPhone or iPad without a Wi-Fi connection.