SMS Recovery | How to Restore Deleted text Messages on iPhone

Accidentally deleting text messages can land you in great trouble, especially if they pertain to losing very important personal or professional information. Are you in a quandary as to how to restore deleted text messages from iPhone? We have the perfect solution for you – PhoneRescue. PhoneRescue is the ideal software tool that helps in SMS Recovery successfully.

Since there is always a possibility of all data in your iPhone being stolen, lost or damaged it is important to know how to recover them fast and without damaging your iPhone. This guide shows the quickest and easiest way to restore deleted text messages from your iPhone including iMessages and all the images attached to them.

Why you face data deletion issues?

Deletion of messages can happen when your iPhone is damaged or even when you do something innocuous like turning it off for a short time. There are other reasons like

  • iOS upgrade
  • Deletion of message accidentally
  • Upgrade of device
  • Failure of device

At times like these, it helps to know a surefire way by which you make speedy SMS Recovery.

Common Ways used to restore deleted text messages

The most common way iPhone users resort to restore the lost message attachments, SMS and MMS is by using iCloud or iTunes backup. But users should have available backup to utilize the iCloud or iTunes restore method.

All data present in the iPhone will be erased completely and replaced with the backed up data. Thus you will have to lose all your current information to retrieve the messages you had deleted. And if you do not have any backup done, it is impossible to use the iCloud or iTunes backup method.

This guide recommends a highly professional way to restore deleted text messages using which you can restore all your deleted messages irrespective of whether you have a backup done for the iPhone data or not. Here is a step by step guide on how to use PhoneRescue data recovery software tool for SMS Recovery.

About PhoneRescue

PhoneRescue is a reliable and efficient tool that recovers iPhone messages you have deleted. The comprehensive data recovery program has several excellent recovery features that keep your iPhone data safe always.
Here is a breakdown of the various features of the recovery tool:

  • PhoneRescue is capable of recovering more than 24 types of files and data in iOS devices including videos, photos, contacts, messages, notes, call history, App data such as Skype messages and more.
  • Preview of deleted messages is possible in thumbnail form before you can perform recovery. This will enable selective extraction of messages you want rather than restore all the data completely.
  • Three methods of SMS recovery is available via PhoneRescue namely directly on iPad/iPhone, from iCloud backup, and from iTunes backup.
  • The recovery tool can do an effective backup even if you have not done a backup of the data on your iPhone. The tool is capable of retrieving the deleted messages without having to restore the iDevice.
  • The program supports different types of messages such as iMessages, MMS, SMS, text messages, and attachments too.
  • It supports exporting messages to different formats including TXT or HTML and saves them on your computer safely.
  • Supports recovery of deleted messages irrespective of the iDevice you have including iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. Whether you have an older version of iPhone like 4S/4/3GS or the most recent version of iPhone, PhoneRescue effectively restores deleted text messages to the iPhone directly.

Here are two methods used to resolve deleted messages issue in iPhone effectively.

Method I: Rapidly restore deleted text messages directly on your iPhone

Here are the steps to follow to quickly and safely retrieve the text messages:

Step #1: Download PhoneRescue software on your computer (Mac or PC). This software is available for download free of cost. Install the software and launch it in the system.

Step #2: Connect the iPhone to your computer either Mac or PC using a USB cable provided with the iPhone. Choose the option, ‘Recover from iOS device' and click on, ‘Next' to scan all deleted data on your iPhone.

Step #3: Once the software retrieves all the items that have been deleted, you can choose the messages as well as the attachments present in the messages and preview all the deleted items. This feature is very useful as you can select the messages you need and leave behind the unimportant messages. Thus you can avoid restoring the messages en masse. The filter provided enables you to preview just the deleted messages. You can now choose the items you want specifically and click on, ‘Recover' option present in the lower right side of the screen. This will help to retrieve the deleted messages back to your iPhone, or you can also extract the messages to the computer.

Method II: Restore deleted text messages from iPhone using iTunes Backup feature

Here are the steps involved in this method:

Step #1: Download PhoneRescue data recovery program on your MAC or PC. It is available for free download. Install the software in the system and launch it.

Step #2: The second step is to connect the iPhone to the computer if you want to recover the deleted text messages directly to the device. Now click on, ‘Recover from iTunes Backup' feature and click on the ‘Next' button.

Step #3: Choose iTunes Backup file which has the deleted text messages stored in it. Now click on, ‘Next' option to do a scan of the chosen backup.

Step #4: Once you have done a complete scan of the concerned file, you can do a preview of the data present in the backup. You can also choose Messages option in the software to preview the SMS, iMessages as well as the attachments present with the text messages. You will be able to choose any of items in the file to extract to the computer or recover directly to the device. All the conversation in the messages is saved in printable or readable form if you want to store the retrieved information in your computer.

If you are faced with the annoying issue of deleted text messages on your iPhone or loss of any other data, the above-mentioned methods help you restore deleted text messages safely and easily. In addition to the text messages, you can also recover the attachments. If the attachment or messages have been overwritten, then it is not possible to recover them with PhoneRescue or any other such recovery tools.


As you can see, the above methods show how quickly and easily you can restore deleted text messages from your iPhone using PhoneRescue. In addition to SMS Recovery, PhoneRescue also supports data including videos, notes, photos, call history, reminders, and others. With PhoneRescue being available as the free download you can find out its effectiveness by trying the free trial.

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