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Internet connection has transformed the world rapidly. It has changed peoples' lifestyle, culture, viewpoint, intelligence, behavior and up bring. Social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram IG), YouTube, Search engines platforms (like Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer IE, Mozilla Firefox), download software (Keepvid Pro or Keepvid Video Downloader) have made a mark in human race history.

YouTube's Limitation

If someone needs to fix something like broken mobile phone or malfunctioning home appliance, people rely on the Internet. A student or a professional career oriented-person needs to research information regarding a case study, related topics and information are easily accessed on YouTube. A housewife needs to get ideas on do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvements, or her son would want to learn guitar – YouTube video is something everyone would find the easiest access to help us. Everyone can find almost all the answers over the internet.

You can do everything and anything with YouTube. YouTube purpose has extended from simple viewing of music videos, movies, fun fact shows, personal home videos, social awareness videos, and among others; now, it shows various topics that would make a 9-year-old-kid think like a doctor or could make a self-taught-aspiring-violinist into a famous expert-musician. Thanks to YouTube.

But YouTube has its limitation. You cannot fully enjoy watching and maximize use of YouTube features if your internet connection is not stable and weak.

Your satisfaction in watching YouTube videos is directly dependent on your internet connection.

How Keepvid Video Downloader Solve Your Problem?

How can you enjoy watching YouTube without worrying that your viewing time is affected directly with your weak internet connection? Introducing Keepvid Pro!

Keepvid Pro, this will help you watch you YouTube videos without having to connect to the internet. Please check out Keepvid Video Downloader for more details. You can try Keepvid Pro for a free trial.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Based on an online site Modulates, few disadvantages has also affected people's enjoyment and prevented them in watching YouTube. Not limited just due to slow internet connection but also annoying advertisement (on the start of every video in YouTube site), slow playback or video rewind (due to a high number of YouTube users' traffic), and inability to watch some favorite videos (sometimes because of account shutdown or video removal). You don't need to experience these issues. You can try out Keepvid Pro. Keepvid Video Downloader lets you download and try Keepvid Pro for free. And if you are quite satisfied with your free-trial experience how well Keepvid Pro has provided you with great music and YouTube videos without having to watch annoying advertisements and cope up with slow internet playback – you can buy the full version of Keepvid Pro.

Special Features of Keepvid Video Downloader

  • Download videos from YouTube, and other video sharing sites like DailyMotion, Facebook, Vimeo and 10,000++ popular sites
  • Convert downloaded videos to different file types (check out updated list of file types you can convert videos to at Keepvid Pro official website
  • It can download three times faster compared to other downloader apps
  • It allows video recording from any sites
  • Its process is simple that could only require 1-click-process to complete download, convert, or play

Other Technical Features Keepvid Video Downloader that can do:

  • Batch-download video playlists from YouTube and other online channels
  • It is able to download HD and 3D videos
  • It has high-bit-rate video play
  • Be compatible with Android phones, Smartphones, iPhone, iPhone and other devices
  • Convert over 150++ video and music formats
  • It includes task scheduler
  • It provides built-in video player
  • Be compatible with MAC and Windows Operating System (OS)
  • It can capture device's screen real-time to record videos
  • Allow multiple browser downloads such as Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox

HOW TO DOWNLOAD Keepvid Video Downloader

Go to the official website of Keepvid Pro and choose if you are going to try the free trial app or choose the full version (so you can fully enjoy all special features of Keepvid Video Downloader). Once you click download, then follow the next simple procedures on the website by clicking on to next steps. After a confirmation message has been displayed that you have successfully downloaded Keepvid Pro, double-click downloaded the file and follow easy steps on how to install Keepvid Video Downloader.

Once you successfully installed Keepvid Pro, try to explore how to use all the key features of Keepvid Video Downloader.


Click on the Keepvid Pro to run/open the app.

The program will show you the main page/window of Keepvid Video Downloader.

KeepVid Pro

Make sure you copied the correct URL/path/link site (at the address bar which can be found at the top of the browser) of YouTube video you want to download.

Paste the link address of the YouTube site you wanted to download on the Keepvid Video Downloader app window. Choose the type of file you want the downloaded YouTube video to be converted as it downloads. Then click “Download”. You will read a prompt message if the video has been successfully downloaded.

And now enjoy watching the downloaded video without relying on the internet connection. You can now pause, playback, rewind and forward the downloaded video.  Also you are allowed to convert it into any video type extension you want!

Keepvid Video Downloader Special Add On:

Downloadable videos are not limited to YouTube alone, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more than 10,000 video sharing sites! You do not have to install video player for different types of Online or downloaded videos. Keepvid Pro has built in video player that allows any videos to be played.

With the release of new iTune12, a lot of Apple users have heard time playing their online videos. Since Keepvid Pro has about 150 and more types of video which can cater to over 10, 000 video sharing websites, Keepvid Pro users are able to play videos without having to install new compatible video player.

All ages can easily use and enjoy all features of Keepvid Pro because of its user-friendly environment which is easy to understand and operate.

Because of wide range and outstanding of special key featured provided Keepvid Pro users also testified that they are able to organize their videos and manage their phones and computers' memory space well because they can convert videos in hundred different types.

The video also has task scheduler that enables them to update backup and video conversion schedule.

There are also users who comment Keepvid Pro of being able to perform features as it promised which no other video downloader app has promised to do.

Other users also noted that download process with the use of Keepvid Video Downloader is smooth, stable and fast compared to other download apps.


Try to visit Keepvid Pro website at and check out what are the other amazing things it can do.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Full version is also available on the website of Keepvid Video Downloader.

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