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Do you have trouble organizing your Mp3 playlist? Or do you experience difficulty downloading your favorite trendy songs online? Well, in this article, this will show you tips and trick on how to address those issues. Even better, you will be able to learn more than just quickest and most efficient way to download and organize your music files. How? Well, with the help of all-around and best music downloader app: Keepvid Mp3 Downloader – KeepVid Music. You do not need to subscribe to multiple online apps to do multiple tasks that would let you do different functions per software.

But first things first, we need to know what are the terminologies and trivia that are used commonly in song playlist collection.

1.What is an mp3?

The direct abbreviation of mp3 is derived initial term for MPEG layer 3 (number 3 is the version release of the file format) which was commonly known on its internet slang name for one of the most common music file type among hundreds of existing music formats around. Mp3 format is most supported digital music because of its ability.

  • To record songs and then convert it to vinyl sound and can be converted again back to digital audio.
  • To convert cassette tracks tapes to magnetic imprints and back to original cassette format
  • To convert music saved from CD (Compact Disc, widely used for music album in aim to replace cassette tapes during 90's) into digital music print and vice versa
  • To serve as an upgrade (meaning more better quality audio than) for existing .wav music files
  • To be able to easily opened in many different video and music apps
  • To be able to be downloaded, and attached to email or Skype messages, and can easily be stored in computers(and other storage devices)

2.What is the term called audio book when purchasing in Apple Store?

The audio book is a digital version of printed books which are recorded by narrators that can be downloaded for few and often can be bought for a given price. What so good about audio books compared to original printed versions, narrators may also play the role of actors adding emotions to the printed words, and sometimes audio effects are also recorded with the narration.

3.What is streaming music?

Streaming is the ‘real time' watching online videos and ‘real time' listening of music as it happens.

4.Why do I need to convert some videos to mp3?

You need to download the entire mentioned music sources like Podcast, or Apple Store's audio book to Mp3 because this is the most widely used music files. Most of the music applications and software can only read and support mp3 files as well.

Tips and Tricks on How to Download Music (mp3)

Method 1 – Two Classic Ways to Download MP3 Music

A.Directly download mp3 music from any Music Sites

Spotify using

Spotify is a website that offers online music and has a vast variety of song library which people can listen to for free or Premium users can listen to limited access songs online.

SoundCloud using

This is yet another online music that allows users to listen to music, store data and connect with other SoundCloud users (that plays like MySpace social media site)

MP3Skull using

MP3 skull allows users to download and embed share mp3 songs to personal blogs or any web pages for free. using

This web page provides a variety of music collection, which often most users are not aware of that they are able to download mp3 songs as well.

Amazon using

Contrary to the popular knowledge of everyone that Amazon of is limited to selling a variety of items online. Well, technically, they sell most likely all kinds of stuff, including music.

B.Use different Music Supported Apps to download mp3 music

Mp3 music and video file is the most common supported format with high-resolution picture and sound quality; it has been widely used by most applications. With the growing numbers of music lovers around the world, mp3 has been one of an all-time favorite music format. You can either listen to it directly online or listen to it locally on your phone or any device directly using different subscription apps that will allow you to listen to your favorite song wit out connecting to the internet. Because of copyright and intellectual property rights licenses, you ended up losing your playlist songs after the subscription has expired. To list few example of these sites are:

Napster Music App check out link from
What used to be called “Rhapsody” has its now its new package name Napster Music, still under Rhapsody International, Inc. The site offers legal and copyright song list. It also provides its own music player tool app.

Google Play Music check out link from
Google Company also invested in research and development of its own music player app. Unlike other Google services, this one can be downloaded for an extra charge plus per song download fee.

Unfortunately, all three: Rhapsody, Beat and Google play have common issues when it comes to music player errors. A lot of users complain about repeating bugs for quite some time.

Method 2 – Download music in batch using Keepvid Music – the Best KeepVid MP3 Downloader

With KeepVid Music – Best KeepVid MP3 Downloader, you can easily download mp3 format songs without any hassle. All you need is one click to do everything! It allows even the most noob (inexperienced user) in technology will be able to use the Keepvid Mp3 Downloader. By default, any music downloads from different music sharing sites which can be converted to mp3 format without losing its original audio quality. Of course, music file type is not limited to mp3 format only, and there are hundreds of different music formats to choose from which you preferred most.

Functions for Keepvid Music

  • Music Download – mp3 to various kinds of music format
  • Music Recorder – ability to record songs in many ways
  • Music Transfer – allows songs to be copied and be moved to iOS (as well other Android devices)
  • Music iTunes Library Manager – capable of organizing song library collections

1. How to Download Videos using Keepvid Music

Keepvid Mp3 Downloader is so powerful enough that it does not only restrict download to music, but it also allows download of videos. Here are the simplest steps that you need follow:

Step 1
Start with visiting the website of KeepVid Music at

Download, and then install the app on your computer. Now that it is installed, then run the app. You are now ready to download video or music.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step 2
Click on “Download” located on above the top middle homepage of Keepvid Mp3 Downloader.

Step 3
Open browser and type YouTube video that you like to download. Go to the link path of the browser and copy the URL.

Step 4
Using the copied URL link, paste it to KeepVid Music window box provided. Identify which music file you would want to save (converted). Remember mp3 may be a default music file type, but you can choose to over 150 plus of music format output. Next, click “Download” button. It will only take few seconds, and you are done! Enjoy listening to your newly downloaded songs.

2. How to Record Songs Using Keepvid Music

Another popular music sharing site is Spotify. You can also download music direct from this online music website.

Step 1
Run Keepvid Music, then choose “Record” button. To start recording,

Step 2
Then play the music you want to record using Spotify app.

Step 3
Click “Record” button again to stop recording once music ends. Press mic icon to hear your recorded song.

Key Features of KeepVid Mp3 Downloader:

(You can try it for Free or buy the premium / complete app)

  • Allow YouTube and other favorite music sharing sites as private music library
  • Provides open link to more than 10, 000 sharing music and video websites
  • Able to run iTunes with Android devices
  • Manage all iTunes music collections and playlists
  • Remove multiple the same songs including missing and unused music tracks
  • Able to share iTunes music library
  • Provides own toolbox or organize music library
  • Support a functional system to transfer music without device limitation
  • Bonus!!! Repair covers, subtitles, and other video/music tags

Download for Windows Download for Mac

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