iFreeUp for Windows & Mac

iFreeUp is one light but professional program that allows you to manage your iPhone/iPad/iPod on the computer.

  • Get important data transferred between your computer and iOS devices;
  • Free up more storage space of your device by deleting large files and downloads;
  • Get rid of deleting data completely to ensure the safety of private data;
  • Enhance the performance of your iOS device by checking and cleaning all kinds of junk files.

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Make More Storage Space for iDevice

When you use your device for a long time, the storage space of your device is becoming smaller and smaller, especially for small capacity devices. It concerns users that there is not enough space to save more photos and update your system. Don't worry about it. With the help of iFreeUp, you can easily delete large files and downloads to make more storage space for you iOS devices.

Backup & Restore All iOS Files in a Fast Speed

If you want to make sure all the important data on your phone is safe and sound, then we sincerely recommend you to transfer the important data to the personal computer as backup files. iFreeUp can offer you the easiest way to backup & restore or transfer files including photos, music, books, videos, apps and podcasts between your computer and iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Make the Running Speed Faster of iOS Device

Like computers, the existing of funk files and loads of cache on your iOS device can slow down the running speed as well. iFreeUp enables you to find all the junk files made by some games and third-party tools, call logs and photo cache. When the devices wipe out all the junk files for you, your device will run faster than before. Thus, the performance, especially the performance of playing games will improve quite a lot.

Highly Secure Your Privacy

After you delete some files, it doesn't mean that the file are gone for good. With some professional tools, you are still able to recover the deleted files. If you want to delete the files completely, then iFreeUp is a secret weapon for you. You are allowed to shred all the private data including password, photos and videos or crucial contracts on your device with the help of iFreeUp. It offers the safest way of securing your private data. A secret stays secret for good.

iFreeUp to free up more Space Speed up your iPhone, iPad & iPod

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