How to Download Streaming Video by Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Recording software can be used for more than what everyone thinks. A lot of people generally think of YouTube videos or gaming related videos when they think recording software, and that's completely fine. However, it's important that we recognise the other areas where downloading Streaming Video software can come in handy and can be used.

Other Reasons to Use Downloading Streaming Video Software

  • Recording revision classes for your students
    If you're a teacher or lecturer and a big test is coming up, it's a good idea to record some online classes that your students will be able to access at home rather than basing all of their studying off of their notes. A fresh perspective can always help.
  • Recording & downloading gameplay walkthroughs
    If you're a gamer of sorts and you're looking to give back to the gaming community, you can record gaming walkthroughs to help anyone who is struggling to get past certain parts of games and upload them to the internet afterwards.
  • Creating your own online classes
    As the world of technology develops, there is a lot to be learned, from programming to putting together technology components to create cool devices. If you're interested in teaching but you want to try something different, then take your current skillset and teach the people of the Internet.
  • Recording Skype calls
    Recording Skype calls can be useful, especially if you use Skype for your business needs. Rather than taking notes, recording your meetings can be just as helpful for you to look back on and have a better understanding of the discussions that you had.

As you can see, there are many different reasons for using recording & downloading streaming video software. After deciding what you want to use recording software for, you must find an appropriate piece of software to satisfy your needs.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder – Best Recording & Downloading Streaming Video Tool

The ‘Aiseesoft Screen Recorder‘ is a reliable piece of recording & downloading steaming video software that allows for you to not only record high quality videos, but offers a variety of features for you to choose from that will help you perfect all of your recordings.

Step #1 – Firstly download the ‘Aiseesoft Screen Recorder' and follow the instructions to install it appropriately.

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Step #2 – After installing the software, run the program and wait for it to load up.

Step #3 – Open the ‘Streaming Video' link and select the area of your screen that you would like to record.

Note: If you have no intention of recording your microphone for editing purposes, disable your microphone so that no background noise is picked up and recorded. If you are recording a video that is online, this option is preferable.

Step #4 – Before you go on to record, you are able to set how long you would like to last the recording to last. To do so, click on the clock icon and enable the ‘Stop capture after…' option, which will give you the option to insert an ending time. If you are recording a video online, check how long the video lasts and set that as your videos length!

Step #5 – After you have set all of your settings accordingly and made sure that you are ready to record your video, click on the big red ‘REC' button and your recording will begin.

Step #6 – Once the ending time that you selected earlier has been reached, the recording will stop and will be saved in the recording folder as a WMV file.

You can then use this file to put together tutorials or create YouTube videos as we described before. Unlike other pieces of recording software, this piece isn't targeted at one specific type of recording. For example, there are recording programs which are targeted at gaming, some which are targeted at audio recording, or some which are targeted at simply recording your monitor.
The ‘Aiseesoft Screen Recorder' combines all of these areas and allows you to record whatever you feel necessary. If you need a piece of software to record just audio, you can configure the program to do just that. There are endless possibilities here.

Other Pieces Software for Downloading Streaming Video

Sometimes having one piece of software for all of our needs doesn't put us at ease and instead can worry us. With that in mind, some of us like to have our needs spread out across several pieces of software so that we know these programs are targeted at a specific need. For example, iTunes is directed at just Apple products, while there are programs which are targeted at all mobile phones. The same concept applies here. With that in mind, let's take a look at other pieces of recording & downloading streaming video software that we can use when recording our computer screens and download streaming video.


Camtasia is a fantastic piece of software for those who are just beginning to record things and are just learning the basics. If you professionally record and edit regularly, it might be time to look for something more advanced. Camtasia is perfected for beginners simply due to how it offers its own video editing software within the program, eliminating the need to export videos and record them in certain formats, as they're taken straight to the Camtasia video editing feature after recording. Not only are the recording settings extremely flexible, but if you record multiple videos, you are able to compile them into one project if necessary.


AllMyTube allows for you to record videos from over 10,000 online platforms. This program is preferable to programs who just offer you the ability to download videos from YouTube due to the sheer fact that you can download from almost any website on the internet and you aren't limited to which videos you'd like to download.

One of the huge benefits of this program is the ability to download playlists rather than having to download each video singularly. This is something that very few piece of software offer, so take advantage of it and download all of your favourite playlists as soon as you can! Furthermore, AllMyTube offers you the ability to choose whatever quality of the video you'd like to download (provided that it has been uploaded in that quality). From low definition to high definition, to a whopping 4K. Whatever quality you feel necessary, you are able to download it in.

To Conclude…

As you can see from above, if you're looking to record & download streaming videos on the Internet for your own personal use or if you're looking to record your screen for any other reasons, you have a fair selection of programs to choose from. It's purely down to your level of skill, how educated with technology you are, and your own preferences.

If you're a beginner, it's probably best for you to try either Camtasia or even better, the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder which offers a simple interface making the process even easier for you.

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