How to Download Pandora Music Freely

In this article, we review the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder and tell you how it helps you download Pandora music, quickly and efficiently. But first, here's a quick intro to Pandora.

You're no doubt aware of Pandora. If you haven't tried Pandora as yet, we recommend that you do. Pandora is, of course, the most popular internet radio in the world that offers music streaming services in the US, New Zealand and Australia.

What makes Pandora special is its automated music recommendation feature. Users can listen to music on Pandora for free and can buy the songs or albums later from an online music retailer.

Pandora is popular with music fans in the US, Australia and New Zealand because it is much more than just a radio station. It is a playlist that consists of the genre of music that you love.

Pandora allows you to do cool things like…

  • Play any music by the genre
  • Create your own Radio Station
  • Share your music on the social media
  • Look for other listeners who like your kind of music
  • Display a pop-up box containing the first paragraph of the lyrics

However, there's a problem with Pandora – while you can listen to the free radio music online as you like to, downloading Pandora music isn't as easy. In fact, there is no way to save Pandora music, Pandora does not offer any means of downloading the music that's played on it.

So, if you fall in love with a new song and want to hear it again and again, you would no doubt appreciate a tool that would allow you to do exactly that – to download Pandora music. That's exactly what the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder does – it saves Pandora music on your PC.

Let's talk a bit more about the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

What's Aiseesoft Screen Recorder?

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is by far the best screen recorder available in the market with superior video and audio recording functionality. It captures any audio or video on your laptop or desktop computer and saves them without affecting the quality.

You can use this tool to record online radio such as Pandora, record online video streams as well as videos from the webcam, capture games, save songs and more.

Indeed, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder does a lot than just recording video streams. It records audio on your computer such as audio and microphone audio. It records the microphone voice and system voice or for that matter any audio files played on your computer. It allows you to record radio, music and online audio rather than downloading them. The audio quality offered by Aiseesoft is as good as it gets.

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How Does Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Download Pandora Music?

Pandora, as said earlier, plays a lot of free internet music, but doesn't allow you to download the music directly. While there are some apps that claim to download Pandora music such as Audacity and Sound Recorder, they only serve as audio recorders that record and save the music on your computer as you listen to it.

If you really want to save Pandora music on your PC and listen to it as you like, you need to buy the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. With this app, you can save Pandora music on to your PC. Here's how to do that…

Step #1: Open Pandora on your browser, log in and find the music that you like. Play it on Pandora to be sure that it is the one that you want to download.

Step #2: Open Aiseesoft Screen Recorder and click on the Microphone button. You will find it in the option “Audio Source”. Turn it off. To download the Pandora music, now turn the system audio on in order to record the music sound and to eliminate the noise from outside of the PC.

Step #3: Now, to download the music, go the starting time from which you want the downloading to start and click on “REC”. On doing so, the recorded video is saved in the WMV format on your PC, which you can then playback using the Windows Media Player.

That's it; that's the way to save Pandora music on your PC. You can then convert the WMV video to an audio format, such as MP3,  AIFF, M4A, or AAC, etc. and then play the music on your iPhone or iPad using an audio converter such Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate which converts video to audio.

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