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Need some extra security for your important documents?

Folder Lock is your one stop solution for a Military Level security for any document you may have saved on your computer.

Folder Lock for All Kinds of Files

You can lock not only individual files but folders and complete drivers as well, with a secured backup located within Folder Lock in order to give you an extra layer of protection.

How can you use Folder Lock?

You can integrate Folder Lock application to your virtual life in many ways.

As known as the most downloaded file-security application today, with over 25 million active users. It has lived up to its reputation. You deserve to try it.

- Jessica

Know More about Folder Lock

This must-have tool in your personal or official computer allows you to individual put passwords to your files and encrypt them in a military level quality along with all the other protective features. The encryption is done on a click of a button, and therefore it is easy to use even for those who are not familiar with the encryption technology.

5 Stars Review at CNET

If you are using any portable drives to save your files and information, you can add Folder Lock for an extra protection without affecting any of the functionalities or speed of the drive.

Ranked #1 at

In an emergency situation or when you want to destroy information without a trace, there is a shredding and cleaning tool in Folder Lock which you can use for bulk cleaning of your files away from the memory.

Editor's Choice at PC Magazine

It is the most downloaded file-security application today, with over 25 million active users.

If you are interested in Folder Lock do not wait and

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