Steps for Using Adobe Screen Recorder To Record Screen

Is Adobe among those applications with inbuilt software to record screen?

It is true that a professional screen recorder tool is adobe captivate which aids the process of information product creation through the recording or capturing of the happenings in your computer just like Adobe Screen Recorder Alternative (Aiseesoft screen recorder). This is a good option if you plan organizing a seminar on teaching people how they can make effective use of softwares like computer designs that have to do with 3D.

The software has functionalities that go beyond screen capturing. In other to make your course more interactive and user – friendly, it gives you the opportunity to add power point presentations or any other smart object. It is the ideal tool for people who have plans to present their lessons in the video formats.

How to do screen recording via Adobe Captivate using the step by step guide below.

First stage

Adobe Captivate has features that are targeting those who are advanced with the platform. However, if you are a starter or beginner, you can only have the chance to learn the steps of using the platform for screen capturing.

Step 1. Select the mode for recording. After launching adobe captivate, locate the option which says “screen demo” to enable you record happenings on your computer. Another way to do this is to locate the file icon, click on it and then choose the option which says “record video demo”.

Step 2. Choose the region for recording. It will give you plenty of options. These are:

  • Select area – This is the option to choose if you are going to be recording a certain part of your screen
  • Customized region – This is recommended if you will want to record any region that is customized. In this case, you have the option of preset sizes or you can create your own custom region.
  • Full screen – This option is the recommended one for you when you want to record your whole screen. Your recording area will be your full screen in this case. If you are making use of a dual screen set up then you can easily decide which screen you will be recording.

It should be noted that with these settings, you can record from an application. It is recommended when you are delivering a tutorial on how to effectively use the application.

Step 3. Choose the mode for recording. In other for the motion of your mouse to be followed, you should not forget to allow the option of planning. Without doing this, you may not be able to record other things that you will be doing except for the place you started.

Step 4. Choose the settings for audio. Recoding from a system audio or microphone is allowed. When trying to record a video from the internet, it is best that you choose the system audio. To get the desired results when recording a chat, it is advised to ensure that you have your system audio and microphone enabled.

Step 5. Begin your recording process. The record button allows you to begin your recording.

Step 6. Ending your recording. If you hit the end button the recording will stop. Your enter key can be used to stop the recording process if you are using a Mac. All you have to do is make use of cmd + enter. The recorded video will be previewed. You can save the video in your system or even uploading it online. The video can also be edited before the publishing takes place.

Second stage: The best Alternative Adobe Screen Recorder

For anyone who wants to do a simple recording of screen, adobe captivate may look advanced and confusing even though it has lots of functionalities. A great and simple Adobe Screen Recorder Alternative is Aiseesoft screen recorder.

Some of its features of this Alternative Adobe Screen Recorder are:

  • Its videos are of high quality. Aiseesoft screen recorder has the ability to record videos of different formats with high quality.
  • Its videos are of very high definition. This means that your video will be of very high quality when recorded.
  • You have an easy control over which area that you would want to record.v
  • Not only can you record your screen but also, you can record videos from other sites just with the click of a button. This is a good option for those sites that have streaming feature where you can't download.v
  • It gives you the chance to either record from microphone or audio system. You even use both.

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How to use Aiseesoft screen recorder to record your screen.

First of all, you will have to download it and the click on the installer, which will allow the program to be installed in your system. After that you can launch it. You can also start the application by using your start menu.

Step 1. How to select the region for recording

In other to select a region of your screen, you will have to click and drag your mouse to such region. Or you can just let the application to do a full screen recording.

Record Screen on Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista
Step 2. Adjusting the settings in your audio

Whatever you want to record is what will determine the settings of your audio recording. If you want to record a chat, then make sure that you have enabled your audio system and microphone. Use system audio if you will be recording a streamed video. For a video that is for demonstrating, make use of the microphone.

Step 3. If you are done with the settings and you feel that you are satisfied, you can click on record. It also gives the room to edit the video or have it saved like that in .WMV format. With this Adobe Screen Recorder Alternative, screen capture has never been any easier.

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